Using Hypnosis to Combat Sexual Dysfunction

Medical hypnosis is a very effective treatment method for sexual dysfunctions and addictions. When problems arise in your sex life, it can impact so many other areas. It can increase stress during sexual encounters, it can hurt a relationship between partners, as well as increase general anxiety.

These things hurt your life at home, which can make it harder to function at work. When a person's life is drastically out of balance, they can go into a tailspin. I work extensively with sexual issues in the Boise Idaho area. Here is a list of a few things related to sex that can be positively affected with hypnosis. 

Erectile Dysfunction

viagra.jpgErectile dysfunction, or ED, is something that affects as many as 20 million american men. Impotence is a problem many men will struggle with as they get older. This is because of changes to the body, the hormone levels, as well as other emotional and experiential factors.

If a man is struggling with ED, the first step is to get checked by a doctor to make sure there isn't a physical issue that can be adjusted. If the cause is mental, or if there is no fix for the underlying physical issue, then hypnosis is a good option. Through hypnotherapy treatment, a man can learn to achieve and sustain an erection, allowing him to perform with his partner and reach orgasm. 

More and more younger men are experiencing problems with ED. Men in their 20’s and 30’s can experience ED which can lead to embarrassment, shame, and anger. Life and sex are complicated, and running into a mental roadblock in that area isn’t something to be ashamed of. It's more common than many people realize, and there is help available.


Some women suffer from dyspareunia, or painful intercourse. This can cause pain during initial penetration, during deep thrusts, or even while putting in a tampon. The underlying cause could be physical or structural in nature, so if you are experiencing painful intercourse then it is best to be seen by your doctor. In a significant amount of women, the underlying cause is often related to emotional intimacy or their self-image. 

Dyspareunia can lead to vaginismus, which is a spasming of the vagina causing pain from involuntary vaginal tightness. This can make any sort of intimate encounter tortuous instead of pleasurable. These are two areas that can be treated with hypnosis.

Even if the cause of the problem is physical, hypnosis can be used to train the body to feel less pain and feel more pleasure. Hypnosis has been used for DECADES in the medical field to reduce pain during surgeries and dental procedures. It has also a great way to increase pleasure and enjoy intimate relations even more.

Not Sensitive Enough

If either a man or a woman is having difficulty achieving orgasm during sex or masturbation, hypnosis is a great tool to use in order to achieve your intimate goals.

Often times there is an emotional reason for poor sensitivity, perhaps because of personal beliefs surrounding sex or emotional trauma that has occurred in the past. Hypnosis helps to release trauma and change negative beliefs into healthier ones. Beliefs that allow you to enjoy every part of your life to the fullest. 


Endometriosis is a female health disorder that occurs when cells from the lining of the uterus grow in other areas of the body. This condition can result in extreme pain, bleeding, and sometimes infertility. There are some surgical and traditional medical options that can help in treating endometriosis, but if that isn't a viable route then hypnosis should be used. 

Hypnosis can reduce pain and symptoms associated with endometriosis, and make life more enjoyable for the woman living with it. A chronic condition doesn’t have to be a life sentence of pain. Through hypnotic techniques, mindfulness, and NLP a person can be trained to lower the pain they are currently experiencing.

Increasing Pleasure

Sometimes there is no significant issues between partners in their intimate lives, they just want to learn techniques to boost the pleasure they are already experiencing. Hypnotherapy can be used to build resource states, introduce hypnotic triggers, and shift perspectives to allow both parties to enjoy each other and the experience of love making even more. 

Pornography and Sex Addiction

brain scan_1.jpgPornography addiction is something that is becoming more and more common. The easy access that a person has to literally hundreds of millions of adult websites on the internet has helped lead to this problem. Although excessive pornogoraphy viewing may be technically diagnosed as a compulsion, it shares many things in common with addictive behaviors. It has been shown that the same areas of the brain light up when a pornography addict views porn as when a drug addict gets a chemical high.

The skills taught in multiple hypnotherapy sessions can result in increased craving control, more emotional stability, and a return to a healthy sex life. For some this might be completely eliminating porn from their life, for others it may just result in a drastic reduction of how and when they view it. I work with clients in Boise that are addicted to porn to help them reach a level that is best for them.

These same tools can also be applied when a person doesn’t just seek digital forms of sex, but also physical forms. Sex addiction is something I work with to help a person take back control of their lives, begin the process of forgiveness, and prevent relapsing. I often work with other counselors and therapists to help a person overcome their destructive behaviors. If you are interested in seeing a counselor in addition to working with me, I know many in the Boise area that focus on sexual issues. Simply e-mail me for a list of contacts.

Premature Ejaculation

Just as hypnosis can be used to increase pleasure, it can also be used to decrease pleasure in a way to allow a man to last longer during intimate encounters. This isn’t just thinking of baseball, it is actually instilling new triggers and anchors within the brain to allow a man to enjoy sex in a way that is satisfying to him and his partner. 

Vaginal Dryness

One of the most interesting uses of hypnosis is when a person experiences a physical symptom. A woman's body fluctuates and changes throughout the years based on age, emotions, and personal experience. In some cases that can result in vaginal dryness, despite being aroused. 

Hypnosis is a tool that works with the subconscious mind, that part of the mind that is is control of our automatic bodily functions such as our heart rate, breath rate, sweat glands, and even the capillary functions of our cardiovascular system. When you tap into this powerful resource, it can result in any amazing changes. It can increase wetness and moisture, increase blood flow, and reduce stress that might have been associated with sexual situations in the past.

Ben-Schoeffler-hypnosis-boise.jpgNeed Help?

Taking the first step to seek help is always a brave one. If you have a sexual issue that you want to improve, please e-mail me through my contact form. Or you can call at 208-286-8966 if you have any questions. I regularly see clients that suffer from a wide variety of sexual issues, not just the ones listed on this page. My office is located conveniently in downtown Boise.