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"Ben did a great job of helping me with my anxiety. He really cares about his clients and hypnotherapy really works!"

- Laura H.


"Ben is a skilled medical hypnotherapist. He listens carefully and develops customized hypnotherapy sessions that deliver results." - Meg M.


Stress and Perspective

"Ben helped me immensely with my anxiety. I had a lot of things I didn't want to feel or address and with hypnosis I was able to witness them for what they were. Ben made it very easy for me to stop making mountains out of a molehills. I would (and have) recommended Ben to everyone who will listen. Ben is amazing and the way he approaches hypnosis makes you feel so comfortable and educated on the process."

- Cassandra A.


Compulsive eating

"I had a rather severe eating disorder resulting in a real weight problem most of my life.  Very abnormally, with full knowledge of how bad my habit was, I consumed most of my calories at night well after dinner.  Not only would I eat after dinner and almost always before bed, I would get up several times during the night when I woke up and often consume more calories than I did during the day.  I explained my problem to Ben who worked with me for four sessions.  After two sessions I completely stopped eating at all after 9PM.  Ben gave me a couple more sessions to secure my hypnotic suggestions.  It has now been about six months and I still do not eat after 9PM--ever--and have lost over twenty-five pounds!" 

- Richard H.

"I have had trouble keeping to any diet plan or program most of my life. So, I didn't expect much when I made my first appointment with Ben. Almost immediately, I felt a profound shift in my thoughts towards food and health. He replaced so much of my negative self-recordings with positive images and goals. The room was comfortable and safe, and Ben takes the time to truly understand your needs. It is without hesitation, that I recommend him to anyone who has lost hope and needs to embrace life to the fullest once more."

- Kevin R. 

Anxiety and Pain Management 

"I was taken through simple relaxation techniques and I got to work on my OCD tendencies as well as controlling some fears I had.  Finally I got to do a few sessions on pain management. I got to see several of the techniques Ben had to offer and I was not disappointed in any way. 

I was even more surprised that the suggestions made by Ben while I was under became part of my daily life.  They did not all happen right away, but after a few sessions all of the problems I was initially in for started to fade.  I felt more comfortable within my skin and became more confident.  It was not as if Ben had changed things inside my head, but as if he gave me the tools to do them myself.  It’s a remarkable feeling."

Rebecca T.



"When I started my hypnotherapy I was using sleep aid medication, an eye mask and ear-plugs every single night. Simply sleeping had become a serious ordeal in my life. My husband and I couldn't fall asleep together and I was having anxiety attacks at least 3 times a week due to my recent relocation into the deep country from a downtown metro area. I was a city girl used to planes, trains and automobile noises as well as the ambient street light. Even after a full two years of living in the country the nights were still very hard which, of course, caused a ton of stress in my life and marriage. 

I started seeing Ben weekly and the problems at night stopped almost immediately.  It's been almost two years now since my hypnosis and I'm completely sleep med, night mask and earplug free. I can fall asleep next to my husband, finally! Ben's hypnotherapy made a difference in my life, and I don't know where I would be if I didn't have his help. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" 

- Patricia L.


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