Positive Changes in Boise Closes - What Clients Should Do Next


The local branch of Positive Changes Hypnosis Center closed down abruptly on Tuesday April 18th, 2017. Clients went to the building for their scheduled appointments and found the doors locked and no one inside.

What does that mean for the clients that were getting good results from their hypnosis work? 

What about those that didn’t like the service Positive Changes provided and want to try something different?

Positive Changes Boise Clients Are in a Tough Spot

Positive Changes often sells large packages of hypnosis sessions, often costing over $1,000. When Positive Changes in Boise closed down, many clients are left not knowing what will happen to their unused sessions. 

One employee who wished to remain anonymous said this: 

“Last week on Thursday, there was an employee meeting and one of the managers from corporate came in and told us as of 5 o'clock of that day, we were closing our doors and there was no future notice as to what would be happening with the clients and how they would be serviced.”

That means as of right now there are no announced plans for reimbursement or offering other service providers to finish the sessions. 

That is absolutely horrible and unethical. 

According to the Better Business Bureau, in the last 3 years there have been 18 filed complaints filed against Positive Changes and 13 of them have to do with product or service.

What Former Clients of Positive Changes Boise Should Do

If you were getting good results from your work in hypnosis you will want to continue getting hypnotherapy sessions. The good news is there are MANY qualified hypnotists in Boise, ID that can help serve your needs.

They might even help you more than Positive Changes could. 

Yes, you read that right. 

A hypnotherapist in a private practice can be more effective at helping you reach your goals because everything is tailored to you. They help you analyze your unique strengths and weaknesses, and offer custom hypnosis sessions that work for you.

If you want some more guidance on finding a great hypnotist, you can check out this article I wrote about finding a great hypnotherapist in Boise, ID.

Any Way to Get Reimbursed? 

Right now Positive Changes has not announced any plans for giving people their money back. This might make it into the court systems and it could take a while to get reimbursed. 

If you were making progress in your goals using the tools of Positive Changes, I highly encourage you to seek out another hypnotist like myself. One of the keys to success is momentum, and you don’t want to lose the momentum you have built up.

The good news is I don’t sell packages of 20+ sessions. I find that isn’t usually needed. Most of my clients reach their goals and build better habits within 4-6 sessions. You can also pay each session at a time, or a have a small 3 session package that I sell (I don’t sell any packages bigger than this).

You can rest assured that I won’t leave you hanging abruptly! I’ve been in Boise over 5 years and I plan to be here for the next decade at least.

You will often see my bicycling around Boise on my way to work.


If you have any questions at all, please contact me by e-mail or by phone at 208-286-8966. If I can’t help you at the very least I will be able to point you in the right direction to some great resources in our town.

Certified Medical Hypnotist

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