Maximizing Athletic Performance with Hypnosis

gymnast2.jpgAny athlete knows that your mind plays a crucial role to you being able to perform. Your mind can literally cause you to be paralyzed with fear at the wrong time, preventing you from doing your best. On the flip side, if you utilize the right mental techniques, you can increase your effectiveness 10%, 50%, even 100% in some cases. So what is the secret? 

I've been an athlete all my life. I played baseball as a kid, I've weight trained, and I've been practicing martial arts for over 15 years. One thing that always fascinated me about those traditional martial arts like kyokushinkai, and tae kwan do, is there was an emphasis on the mental side of combat. Keeping a calm and still mind and being able to perform with you maximum potential. 

Real Life Examples

Mike Tyson famously used a hypnotist many times during training, and also before every fight. This allowed him to positively channel all of his nervous energy, feel less pain during the fight, and punch even harder. This shows that hypnosis doesn't just have to be about relaxing, it can be used to generate resource states to unleash your best self.

Phil Jackson the famous NBA head coach insisted that the Chicago Bulls practiced daily self-hypnosis when he coached Michael Jordan and the Bulls to their 6 NBA Championships. Later, after coaching the Los Angeles Lakers to a win in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals in 2002, Jackson credited his morning practice of self-hypnosis, meditation, and visualization with giving the Lakers the belief that they could win. This shows that it's not just important for the athletes playing the game to utilize hypnosis, but also the coaches and those coming up with the in game strategies. 

Walton Glenn Eller and Vincent Hancock were the only two shooters from the US to win gold medals in the 2008 Olympics. They had something in common, they both used hypnosis to increase focus, control their heart rates, and allow precise movements. 

Tiger Woods is another athlete who has spoken about his use of hypnosis to slow down time, hit the ball farther, and be even more creative in his golf short game. He has learned to be able to remove all background noises and distractions, and concentrate fully on the shot he is about to take. He's able to get out of his own way, and allow his body to do the work. You can listen to a snippet of a BBC interview with Tiger discussing his experience with hypnosis.

How Can Hypnosis Help You?

In my private medical hypnosis practice in downtown Boise, Idaho, I regularly help athletes unlock their potential. I've worked with dancers, gymnasts, wrestlers, mixed martial artists, golfers, baseball players, marathon runners, as well as many others. From high school students who are looking to have more fun and feel less anxiety, to the doctor that just wants to improve his golf game and win more tournaments. 

Because I'm an athlete myself, I feel a strong connection with those that compete and I know the pressure that can be placed on their shoulders. Some of it is outside pressure, other times it's pressures of potential opportunities, and sometimes it's the pressure you put on yourself. Hypnosis can help lift that weight off your shoulders, and let you get back to having FUN on the field. That comes with better scores, less stress, and better performances during competitions.

I can also help the athlete when they are injured. Hypnosis has been scientifically shown to speed up healing times, reduce bleeding during surgery, and decrease pain. If you do happen to be injured, it might be a good opportunity to explore the benefits of hypnosis so you come back even stronger and faster than before.

How to Get Started?

I know you want to get started right away, and the best way to do that is with these free mindfulness mp3's that I've created. You can download them with the link below. They will begin teaching you the skill of mindfulness, which helps with concentration, focus, and relieving stress and anxiety. Many of my clients say this is one and most effective tools they learn to actively reduce stress before a competition.


Once you download that mp3, you can also set up an appointment with me to take your improvements to that next level. It doesn't matter if you have performance anxiety, if you've failed in the past, or if you you are doing great but you've plateaued and you want to get to that next level. I can help you build up the inner resources to overcome those obstacles and unlock the best 'you' possible.

You can get started by giving me a phone call at 208-286-8966, e-mailing me through the contact form, or by filling out my client intake form.


Certified Medical Hypnotist

IMDHA boise logo dentistBen Schoeffler is certified with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. He specializes in chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, anxiety relief, teeth grinding, addictions, and sports performance.