Hypnosis when nothing major is wrong

lion-paw.jpgHypnosis can be used to improve many different types of serious medical conditions. From the nausea associated with chemotherapy, to inflammation and chronic pain, as well as insomnia. Any of those things would qualify as something major you can’t ignore. People often go to great lengths to make improvements with problems like those.

What about using hypnosis when you don’t have something catastrophic going on in your life?

The easy way to build habits

Hypnosis leverages the power of the unconscious, because of that it is ideal for building new habits. After all, it is your unconscious mind that is in control of your automatic behavior. The stuff you do without even really thinking about it: driving a car, walking, even doing the dishes.

Many people struggle to build a beneficial habit and fail time and again. It might be something as simple as waking up on time with the alarm clock in the morning. They know they’ve been late to work many times before, but they just can’t seem to wake up without hitting the ‘snooze’ button half dozen times. That is an ideal solution for hypnosis.

Instead of beating yourself up for months trying to change your behavior, why not come in for a hypnosis session or two to jump start that habit. You might think the price of a hypnosis session is not worth trying to fix a small annoyance like this, but if you’ve struggled trying to build a habit for more than a month, then maybe you just need a little help to achieve your goal. It will save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

The pitfall: motivation

I don’t work with every client that comes to me. Sometimes hypnosis isn’t the right fit and another process would be more beneficial. That’s why I know many different doctors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, massage therapists, nurses, and counselors in the Boise, Idaho area. If I don’t think hypnosis is the best option, I’m sure to be able to send you to the right place.

The biggest factor determining success with a new client is motivation. When a person has great motivation, the change they want to see occurs very naturally and in a permanent way. If they aren’t sufficiently motivated, sometimes it can lead to not nearly as much success as they would like.

A client's motivation is one factor that will help me determine if I will work with them or not. Ask yourself that question, are you motivated to really experience a change in your life?

What’s your small annoyance?

Everyone has something they are working on to try and improve their life. Is there a habit you’ve been trying to start or stop for a month or more?

  • Is it snacking on the candy bowl at work?
  • Maybe you just want to walk more during the day?
  • Start a beneficial habit of meditation?
  • Maybe read more books? Or practice an instrument more?

Please, e-mail me and ask if I think hypnosis would be right for what you are struggling with. The answer I give may surprise you. If I can’t help, I’m sure I could point you to either a local resource, or maybe even a book or website that could help you.